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Sonny Smith - Fruitvale

Sonny Smith Fruitvale CD
Sonny Smith - Fruitvale - CD - $15

Fruitvale plays like a postmodern barrio version of Our Town set to music. A series of character sketches drawn from the mostly Latino neighborhood in Oakland where Sonny lived for three years. Features Leroy Bach (of the band Wilco), Mathew Lux (Azita), David Hilliard (David Byrne) and back up singers Kelly Hogan (Bloodshot Records), Nora O'Conner (Bloodshot), and Edith Frost (Drag City).

"The characters in Sonny's songs are so real, don't be surprised if they crawl out of your speakers and bum your last smoke off you. I wouldn't wish running a label on my worst enemy. Sonny is so good I had no choice." (Chuck Prophet)


  1. Day In The Life Of A Heel
  2. Good Folks Bad Folks
  3. Mario
  4. Bad Cop
  5. Curtis On The Corner
  6. Mr. Low
  7. Private Dick
  8. Someday Land
  9. Another Waitress
  10. I'm So Happy

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